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For a packed adventure.

We are a growing company in Lower Saxony, close to the city of Hamburg. Our mission is to develop innovative packaging systems for offroad vehicles.
Thorsten Hantke, an expert in his field and a passionate product developer, established delta-BAGS in 2015. When entrepreneurs and outdoor aficionados Dirk Schoettke and Marcus Leinkauf joined the team, bringing their combined enthusiasm and knowledge to delta-BAGS, new opportunities and possibilities started to present themselves.

Enthusiasm is infectious.

Only when you are convinced about something, you can pass on this enthusiasm. We use this energy, combined with our experience and feedback from our customers, to remodel traditional products into innovative packaging systems for outdoor and offroad applications. We are developing new ideas and concepts for people living, working, or just spending time outdoors.

Looking for a System Offroad

Our mission starts every day afresh. We continuously explore new terrain and hunt for optimized solutions to use the storage space in vehicles. We are passionate offroaders, hunters, fishermen, divers, campers, and windsurfers – spending time in nature, often offroad…
We know that organisation matters in this area. Today, we proudly present custom made seat covers for a variety of offroad vehicles, accessories for roof tents and a number of products to maintain order, e.g. bags and panels for inside and outside of the vehicle. Velcro fastenings make the products adaptive and extremely easy to combine.


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