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What kind of packing is the right one for you?
Whether you want to organize your belongings meticulously or if they just need a space – delta-BAGS has the solution!

We are passionate offroaders, hunters, fishermen, divers, campers, and windsurfers – spending time in nature, often off road … always on the hunt for the order in things. We are developing new ideas and concepts for people living, working, or just spending time outdoors.

We are developing new ideas and concepts for people living, working, or just spending time outdoors. For people like you!




Hunting & Co.
Corporate customers

A system off the road.

When driving off road, sufficient chassis clearance and 4wd is often essential. In order to conquer the terrain, an offroad vehicle is a crucial part of the fleet. Having a couple of trips under your belt, you discover that some individual aspects need to be observed in order to meet your own requirements. Depending on the benchmarks you set.
Most of the time, the vehicle offers sufficient space for the equipment needed for your adventure. A winch is quickly installed and you are ready to meet the demands of the terrain. Maximum spring deflection, higher water than experienced when crossing a river previously – new challenges are to be met.
Suddenly you realize that your equipment is no longer where it was stowed before. Everything has shifted or, worst case, is broken and may even have damaged the vehicle. This dims the enthusiasm for the next part of your adventure. Using delta-BAGS, your equipment will endure every downhill challenge undamaged. We develop intelligent bag and holding systems, avoiding the before mentioned scenarios. There is no need to look for the needed equipment, since everything stays in place. With the use of Molle, TYRS, or Velcro, equipment can be stowed away safely.
The Outside Panel can be mounted to most offroad vehicles, using fittings – offering vast additional space. Our Inside Panel with similar space can be fastened easily to the back seats or elsewhere inside of the vehicle.
The Bonnet Bag was developed to add hood space, to store everything needed for your powerful mission.
Use our seat covers to protect your seats. They are custom made and fit exactly, without friction. Thus, the leather or fabric of your seats is protected. Also, you could upgrade old and used seats. On the back and the sides of the seat covers, you can add additional space, since the velcro will fit perfectly with the delta-BAGS products. Custom made seat covers are available for Land Rover TD4, TDI/TD5, LR-Sport; Mercedes G (Wolf); Scheel-Mann LR Edition; VW Amarok ergoComfort, VW T4, VW T5 and Ford Ranger. We recommend the general seat cover for every other vehicle, which is also equipped with velcro to fit additional bags.

Home is where the car is parked.

This can be in a camp ground of in remote areas. How about enjoying your stay immediately, without wasting time preparing and storing your belongings? delta-BAGS camping accessories offer exactly that kind of freedom! We offer extensive accessories for roof tents, e.g. shoe bags, rubber bands and hooks for the keder rail to store not only clothes and shoes but also food and everything else needed for your camping adventure. Your equipment is stored safely and easily accessible.
At the end of the day, all you want to do is to savor your barbequed meal by the fire. To prepare easily, our Food Bag and our Coal Bag offer space for your food, cookware and charcoal. Get your utensils out of the Cutlery Pouch and enjoy the relaxed mood.
Even at the end the day, we keep the atmosphere light: the Litterholder, which is available is different sizes and also usable for laundry, will keep the trash. If you need to use the bathroom before turning in, use the TP Bag, which keeps your toilet paper dry and handy. The TP Bag can also hold your paper towels.

Finally, use the foot pad and enter your tent or caravan with dry and clean shoes. Sweet dreams!

A packed adventure.

Order means something well arranged, tidy, or, in our sense, packed reasonably. Human beings tend to create their own system in order to use their time as efficiently as possible.
At home, this is more or less self explanatory – but what happens when you prepare for your next adventure? Usually this means that your working system at home is disturbed, but at the same time cannot be applied for nature or your hobby. This often is the spark to develop a new system for your adventure. Being at this point, delta-BAGS offers to play an important part to create and apply your packaging system.

Delta-BAGS specialises in keeping you organised. In several categories, delta-BAGS offers a wide range of bags and storage systems that can be universally combined, for example with Velcro or Molle, to serve your individual organisation system on your adventure.

The Utility Bags, Velcro Bags and Voyager Bags series, for example, ensure organisation.

Individually usable bags in different versions (closed, with net or clear front) and sizes (S - 3XL) offer space for various items such as knives, torches, gas bottles, repair kits, rubbish bags, dog accessories, food, tinned food, camping equipment and many other things - universally applicable!

Order in your mission.

It is time. Your next mission in scheduled. The training has been completed and everything is prepared. Arriving in your destination, you will find your personal equipment as well as the gear for you and your fellow soldiers.
Where can everything be stowed to get the task done? Every spare space will be used. But when you need a specific part fast, it is most likely to be found at the very bottom of the pile. Murphy’s law at its best … If something can go wrong, it will. Thus, a fast reaction is not possible, which possibly not only puts your safety at risk but also that of your mates.
This is the mission of delta-BAGS: We offer a number of products for tactical use. Especially in serious situations a certain order is necessary to fully focus on the essentials.
Special bags in- and outside of the vehicle offer that order. Fitting patches label the content of the bags.

Our established Outside Panel system is used to attach custom made load carrying systems or existing Molle bags. After the mission, the outside panels can be easily removed. Also, removing and cleaning is always possible, thanks to the fittings developed for this purpose.
Protective systems can easily be added, so that you can focus on your task without restrictions.

Hunting for order.

Fitting equipment does not make a better hunter, but it makes the hunt easier.
delta-BAGS are always a good catch. Our seat covers, bags and accessories, developed because of our own past experiences, offer ideal support for a happy hunting or fishing adventure.
Our shoes are the one piece of equipment we expect most of. Especially fishing and hunting takes place under extreme weather conditions, putting your shoes to the test.
When you reach your vehicle at the end of the day with wet and dirty footwear, put your shoes into the delta-BAGS shoe bag. Storing your shoes safely without getting the inside of the car dirty.

Corporate customers

delta-BAGS finds professional and innovative solutions for your customers. We implement your ideas or work with you to find individual solutions for manufacturing or materials.

We come along for the ride: we help developing your idea into a concept and from there into an actual product, working with you every step of the way. Many years of experience in textile manufacturing enable us to deliver desired results in the highest quality.

We only use high quality materials and observe high quality standards. The manufactured products are custom made for your project and of the highest quality. Partner with us to develop your idea into serial production.