Seat cover in the Ford Ranger by Johannes Krey

Since I always slide over the edge of the seat when getting into or out of the vehicle, I was looking for seat covers. The seats in the Rover are supposedly made of extremely sturdy material, but thought that they would still abrade and break over time.
After an extensive internet research I found delta-BAGS, offering custom seat covers for the passenger and driver seat of the Ford Ranger. Ordering was uncomplicated, delivery was fast. When the seats arrived, I wanted to install them quickly, assuming that this would take only a couple of minutes. This was not the case.
Before the covers can be put on the seat, the head rests must be removed. Only then the covers can be slipped over the seats. In order to do so, you need a lot of strength, since the covers are rather close fitting. Once they are in their final position, they need to be fastened, using a number of straps. But once this is achieved, the covers fit and don’t slip.
Why did I choose delta-BAGS seat covers? Because they custom-fit for Ford Ranger and because additional bags and holding systems can be added, using the existing velcro and molle-loops. There is also a cover for the head rest. It also has velcro in the back and a stabilizes the head in the front. I attached my first-aid kit to back. Each cover includes a bottle holder, to be attached to the loops.
My conclusion I do not regret buying the seat covers. Installation needs a lot of strength, but afterwards they fit perfectly. In order to clean them, they can be removed quickly. Also, they protect the original fabric, so that the seats will not be damaged by getting into and out of the vehicle. Before I used the seat covers, I always got a little electric zap when getting out of the car - this has stopped since I use the seat covers. The price is rather high - 149,95 Euros for a bit of fabric. But the quality is excellent and the cover fits perfectly. Seat covers are also available for Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, Volkswagen Amarok und Volkswagen T5 and are offered in black, green-brown, grey and fern-green. Johannes Krey - JKFOTOGRAFIE Photo- and vidiojounalist, travel and offroad blogger
Seat cover in the Ford Ranger by Johannes Krey