Seat cover in Sebastian Baier's VW T4

Last summer I finally got my T4 bus and started customize it for me. Even though the bus is 17 years old, the seats are fine, all I needed were seat covers.

I did not like the seat covers I found, until a colleague presented his seat covers. I knew immediately that I also wanted delta-Bags seat covers and ordered them. When I put them on, I realized that my bus has two passenger seats, so that the cover for the driver seat did not fit. No problem - delta-Bags exchanged the seat cover. Thank you for that great service!

When the second seat cover arrived, I finally could install them. The Seat Covers fit perfectly. I got 4 covers per seat: two for the arm rests, one for the head rest and, of course, the cover for the seat itself. The covers for the arm and head rest are secured with velcro, the seat cover has additional straps and draw strings. I chose the seat cover in green-brown. The covers are mainly made of heavy-duty fabric, the seating and back area as well as the top of the armrest and head rest sport a softer, meshed material. It is very comfortable, but frays when getting into contact with velcro from the pants. In this area the covers could use some change.

The interesting part about the covers is the possibility to add bags and thus storage to the sides, the back and the head rest. I use the Voyager Clear Bag M for two signal lamps, the Velcro Bag V is ideal for anything small. Both bags have windows, so that you can always see the content. A small torchlight or a pocket knife fit perfectly into the Utility Bag S.

The seats already have pockets in the front of the seat, ideal for a lighter or other bits and pieces. In the back is an open slip pocket and a pocket with zip for gloves or maps. Even the seat heating can be used, it just takes a bit for the heat to get through the cover. You can add a lumbar cushion into a slip pocket, which I don’t need because I have pilot seats with an adjustable lumbar area. Another great accessory delta-BAGS offers is the Lens Hood Panel. It is easily applied with velco and comes with a small pocket for the vehicle documents (always accessible) and a part to hold pens or your sunglasses. I will order again from delta-Bags, they have great products for outdoor usage in really high quality.
Seat cover in Sebastian Baier's VW T4